Wood Fencing

The classic, pleasing beauty of natural wood will provide years of satisfaction. Allow our expert designers to help you create a style that will compliment your home. Our wood selections include western red cedar, pressure-treated red pine, locust, and spruce.

Wood Fencing Installation Options

The Dog Ear fence style is a simple traditional fence design making it very economical. Picket tops are cut-off at an angle, providing a 'dog-ear' to the fence picket. This simple style can be used as solid privacy or with spaces in-between the pickets which allows wind to pass freely through the fence. If posts are to be cemented in the ground, use only pressure treated posts (cedar has an unfavorable reaction when concreted and will rot prematurely). We prefer to use western red cedar on all of our styles of wood picket fences, however we can also build most our styles out of treated pine lumber. For above ground applications, cedar has better weathering properties, i.e. less warping of components, and a natural resistance to insect infestation. Cedar also has a pleasant reddish color, and a soothing aroma when first installed. Cedar wood does not require stain or other type of preservative, however treatment will prolong it's natural beautiful color. Left to weather, western red cedar will turn a silvery gray color

Whether it's a vertical or horizontal style, picket or privacy. We welcome your custom design ideas.

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