Vinyl Fencing

Whether to frame a house, a commercial business, or industrial park, nothing makes a more picture-perfect statement than a vinyl fence. Best of all, it remains picture-perfect forever without the seemingly constant maintenance required of a painted wooden fence.

A Variety of Vinyl Fencing Options

Woodsmith Fence offers more than 30 distinctive styles of private and semi-private vinyl fencing that include decorative, picket, and post and rail, that are available in four classic colors – as well as a wood grain! All of our fences are fabricated using PVC.

PVC building products have numerous energy and environmental benefits. Since the late 1980s, more than 20 life-cycle evaluations have been completed on PVC building products, many of them comparing those products to similar products made of other materials. PVC products were found to perform favorably in terms of energy efficiency, thermal-insulating value and low contribution to greenhouse gases and product durability, which means using fewer resources and are scratch and fade resistant – allowing them to remain beautiful in the decades to come.

Lakeland Vinyl Fencing

The Lakeland style provides a solid privacy wall that features tongue and groove verticals for greater fence strength. Some Country Estate customers prefer Lakeland as pictured here . . . but others add a decorative eye-level layer of a lattice. Lakeland has proven to be a solid choice among property owners who want full privacy.

Brandywine Vinyl Fencing

For the nostalgic feel of a traditional picket fence, you can't go wrong with the Brandywine. Its 7/8 x 3-inch pickets are spaced just under two inches apart for the perfect balance of privacy and openness. However, unlike many picket-style fences, the Brandywine features pickets that are flush with the bottom rail for a clean line that's safe for children, animals and lawn equipment

Country Estate Eagle Fencing

The Country Estate Eagle Series provides the privacy you desire beyond a simple wall. You can control the appearance by selecting one of our family of styles which has been designed to accommodate various home styles across America

Nottingham Vinyl Fencing

The clean lines of the Nottingham style fence are like a welcome sea breeze. Carefully spaced verticals let fresh air flow through without sacrificing the privacy you desire. Concerned about design? You'll find the sleek Nottingham style is complementary to many of today's modern home styles.  

Vinyl Fencing Gallery

View our vinyl fencing gallery below to help you visualize what type of fencing will fit your needs! Already made a decision? Contact Us today for a free estimate!

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