Pedestrian Barricades Pittsburgh, PA

Holding a major event can be really tough to manage with huge crowds of people walking around aimlessly. Having the proper fencing to adequately block off certain areas, or just to control the flow of people can be really beneficial and help the event run smoothly. Our pedestrian fences help provide limitations for crowds where they can be at a safe distance of an off-limits area. These fences are durable and heavy-duty, yet easy to set up and break down. If you are a special events coordinator or a company that facilitates special events for large masses of people, Woodsmith Fence Corp has the crowd control barricade rentals you are looking for. Our pedestrian barricades are:

  • Durable 
  • Easy to Install
  • Available in many colors
  • Very Effective for Crowd Control 


Why Choose Woodsmith Fence?

We offer a large supply of pedestrian fencing and provide top-notch customer service to all. Pittsburgh, PA holds many events each year that draw in lots of people. Trust that your event will have the best fencing to control crowds with Woodsmith!



Types Of Pedestrian Barriers Offered

·       Portable fencing

·       Barricades

·       Windscreen

·       Chain Link fence guards

·       Steel perimeter fencing

·       Stanchions

·       PVC picket fencing


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