Temporary Fencing For Toledo, OH

When you are running a one-time event or performing work at a site, you don't need permanent fencing. You need temporary fencing that offers all of the benefits of permanent fencing, without the cost and effort involved in installing a permanent fence. In the Toledo, OH area, there is no better option for portable fencing than Woodsmith Fence.

Toledo, OH Crowd Control BarrierPedestrian Barriers for Events

Planning an event and want to make sure the crowds don't get out of control. We offer a wide selection of pedestrian barriers that contain and direct foot traffic. You can get simple barriers made of steel, aluminum, wood, or PVC. Or, if you are looking for something higher class, we also offer pedestrian barriers that look like traditional picket fences or have beautiful latticework. Privacy barriers are also available for events where they are needed.

Safety Barriers for Worksites

For the safety of everyone, construction sites need to ensure that unauthorized individuals don't enter them. At Woodsmith Fence, we offer temporary fencing and portable gate styles that limit access to your site. All of this temporary fencing is made of top quality materials and is damage, weather, and tamper-resistant. This both protects people from getting harmed by entering your site and protects your expensive equipment from getting stolen or damaged by thieves or vandals.

Rent Fencing from Woodsmith Fence

If you are planning to run an event or are starting a project that requires a worksite in the Toledo, OH area, you need the best temporary fencing that money can buy. Trust the experts that are used by major brands like the PGA and NASCAR. Trust Woodsmith Fence for all your fencing needs. Contact us today to get more information and reserve your fencing at a great price.