Temporary Fencing For Scranton, PA 

Whether you're planning a special event, preparing a worksite, or need temporary fencing to keep your property secure during a renovation project, we have the solutions you need right here at Woodsmith Fence Corp. We're the premier supplier of portable fencing in Scranton, PA, and we provide homeowners, businesses, and government organizations with a complete range of pedestrian barriers and temporary fencing products.

Scranton, PA Portable FencingReduce The Risks With Water-Filled Pedestrian Barrier Products

Keeping vehicles and pedestrians separated is an important consideration these days, especially when large crowds are gathered in areas that can be accessed by cars and trucks.

We carry a complete lineup of proven pedestrian barrier products that includes portable water-filled barricades which offer enhanced protection in vulnerable areas. These unique barriers are easy to move when they are empty, but once filled with water they become exceptionally stable and solid, providing added peace-of-mind for event organizers.

Portable Fencing for Construction Sites

When you need sturdy, secure portable fencing products for your construction site, call us here at Woodsmith Fence Corp. We supply, install, and remove durable chain link fencing that serves as a highly effective deterrent against unauthorized entry onto your worksite while protecting your company against liability claims and fines from building inspectors.

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For all of your Scranton, PA temporary fencing needs, get in touch with us here at Woodsmith Fence Corp., where we're committed to honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We'll help you choose the perfect portable fencing solution for your specific project or event.