Portable Fencing for Buffalo, NY

If your business or organization is in the Buffalo, NY area looking for high-quality, long-lasting, portable fencing solutions, rely on Woodsmith Fence! We provide portable fencing solutions that are durable and commonly found on construction sites and at events with large crowds, VIPs, or large amounts of people. Our fences provide the safety and security you desire, especially when paired with our other steel barricades, gates, stanchions, and water-filled plastic barricades. 

Secure Your Construction Site with Temporary Fencing

When you're striving for a safe and secure construction site, it can be hard work. But with our portable temporary fencingfences in place around the area being worked on or even just certain areas that may have a higher risk than others - such as zones where debris can fall - then we'll help to reduce any potential accidents from happening by preventing wandering onlookers from getting curious. 

Specializing in portable fencing, our team is committed to providing you with all of the products that will make your event go smoothly. Whether it's a small or large event, we have what you need for an organized and successful conclusion! We know there might be some challenges ahead while planning outdoor activities, but don't worry because once we start putting up the fencing everything should move along seamlessly thanks to our experience working on them for many years. 

Perfect for Other Events

Our Portable fencing isn't just great for construction sites though. We offer portable fence rentals in a variety of styles so they work for different needs. If you're not preparing a construction site but are planning a festival, fundraiser or another type of event, we have perfect pedestrian barriers available for that as well!

Our Portable-Type Fencing:

  • Portable fencing
  • Barricades
  • Windscreen
  • Chain link fence guards
  • Steel perimeter fencing
  • Stanchions
  • PVC picket fencing

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