Temporary Fencing Philadelphia, PA

Portable fencing and temporary barriers are absolutely required for all major event planning and construction work. They provide security, safety, and control. In the Philadelphia, PA area, the best source of pedestrian barriers and portable fencing is Woodsmith Fence.

No Site Too Big

Portable Fencing Philadelphia, PA

Whether you need a few pedestrian barriers for a small concert held in a local bar or needs miles of fence to surround a major construction project, Woodsmith Fence has the inventory you need. Our company serves all of New York and Pennsylvania. To support this large an area, we have a massive stock of temporary fencing on hand at all times. No matter what size project or event you need fencing or barriers for, we can provide exactly the quantity you want, usually within less than 24 hours.

Flexible Options

Every project and event has different needs in terms of barriers or fencing. Woodsmith Fence maintains an inventory that can meet those options. We have steel, aluminum, plastic, and chain-linked fences and pedestrian barriers. We also provide water filled barriers if needed. For sites or events that have privacy concerns, we can provide privacy barriers that can either be installed the entire time or that can be removed during specific time periods.

A Reputation You Can Trust

Woodsmith Fence has been used by some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment for temporary fencing. In the past, we have provided barriers for NASCAR and the PGA, just to name a few examples.

Rent Fencing & Barriers Today

If your organization needs any form of portable fencing or barriers in the near future, contact Woodsmith Fence today. Our experts can help you choose the exact fencing that will serve your needs and will provide you with a highly competitive estimate for our fencing services.