Perimeter Fencing

Your security concern is our concern, and we know that perimeter fencing is the initial defense against theft and vandalism. Even if you don't have sensitive information, valuable assets, or your business operations aren't located in vulnerable locations, you must always take extra caution to ensure that you secure your property.

Woodsmith Fence Corp. offers state of the art private and commercial fencing solutions to secure and protect your property than ever before. With our contemporary security fencing systems including chain link, bollards, palisade, intercoms, welded wire panels, weld-mesh, railing, cameras and sensors, and many more—we're the full security package.

Protect Your Property and Safeguard Your Assets with Adept Perimeter Fencing Solutions

Utilizing the cutting-edge perimeter fencing and gate technology, coupled with our years of knowledge and experience, we will design and create a safe haven habitat for you and your property.

Our up-to-date perimeter security fence will deter any potential intruders from invading or trespassing on your premises. For instance, our electric perimeter fence will detect and deter intruders when they try to cross onto your property. In case they make it, you will already be notified of the instance.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Bespoke Security Fencing Services

Our robust fencing solutions are an effective way you will rest assured that your property is safe and secure with your desired quality. Woodsmith Fence Corp. does more than just design and create a perimeter fence for you--we provide fully scalable and bespoke perimeter fencing solutions.

Why Trust Us as Your Top Security Fencing Partner?

Apart from specializing in all fencing and gate designs, we have an excellent reputation and long-lasting experience. We know that every customer has their exceptional needs based on their property layout and location. We listen to our customers to assess their priorities and ensure we provide solutions according to their needs.

More importantly, we're licensed and fully insured fencing contractor serving Niagara County, Erie County, and perhaps all of the Central and Western New York counties.

Besides, at Woodsmith Fence Corp, you don't choose between quality and price—we offer both.

Enjoy the Best Customer Service in Town

Whether you are fencing your residential home, commercial or industrial property or you want to secure a temporary event, our experts will give you the best customer services in town. We will also guide you through the most compelling contemporary fencing solutions in the market.

Contact Woodsmith Fence Corp. today, to find out more on how to fortify your premises with modern fencing solutions