Pedestrian Barrier Rental For Cleveland, OH

pedestrian barricadeIf you are a special events coordinator or a company that facilitates special events for large masses of people in Cleveland, OH, Woodsmith Fence Corp has the pedestrian barricade rentals that you are looking for. Our pedestrian barricades are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Available in various styles
  • Effective for crowd control

We have provided our pedestrian barricade rentals for large organizations including Nascar and the PGA. Our variety of options makes us flexible and able to fit your event with the style of barricade that you need. 

Pedestrian barriers are a necessary component to a variety of large gatherings. Music festivals, concerts, fairs, tours, corporate events, and so much more can benefit from temporary pedestrian barrier rentals. Pedestrian barriers need to be heavy duty and portable, yet strong and stable. The portableness is easy for our company as we have the tools and equipment that make installation and disassembly simple and quick. As for the durability of the product, our barricades are built tough. When linked together for a longer distance, these portable, temporary fences become very effective as they would be very difficult to move out of the way. 

Ultimately, these barriers do a great job of setting boundaries for crowds and helping to maintain order, helping to keep everyone safe. Allowing your event to run smoothly with no hiccups. If this is a first time running an event, please feel free to seek suggestions from our team of experts as we have done countless installations for a wide range of events. We have even used our high-end pedestrian barricades for more prestigious events, such as the PGA Tour and Nascar tracks. Even if your project is not at the PGA tour level, you can still expect the same level of attention and customer service that we provide our high-level customers. We do this to build long lasting relationships with our customers and provide the best service possible.

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