Temporary Fencing For New Rochelle, NY 

When you need to keep crowds at bay, whether at your home or place of business, you need temporary fencing to do the job right. Today's abundance of options has come a long way since the plain, chain link variations of the past. Of course, chain link fences are still available, but you have so many additional options to choose from.

New Rochelle, NY Temporary Fencing Pedestrian Barrier

Portable fencing made from vinyl or PVC is great because it allows you to customize the look of the fence, even making it look like a classic white picket fence. This is a great option for high-end events that want to keep the overall look classy and elegant. You can also use this type of pedestrian barrier to prevent kids from running out into the street at your child's birthday party, for example.

Temporary Fencing for Privacy & Security

Some temporary fencing is designed to let you see what is on the other side, but not privacy fencing. This type of fencing not only prevents passersby from wandering into areas where they shouldn't but also prevents them from seeing behind the fencing. This is great for public construction projects where the debris could create an eyesore or where discretion and secrecy are important.

Heavy-Duty Temporary Fencing for Crowd Control

In some cases, all you need is a simple pedestrian barrier to guide foot traffic. However, in other cases, you may need something a bit more sturdy. This is especially useful for special events where the crowds are likely to get large. This can also help to prevent unauthorized access, like by those who have not purchased tickets to the event. Heavy-duty portable fencing can withstand pressure from heavy crowds and keep those at your event safe.

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