Temporary Fencing For Erie, PA 

Temporary fencing is an ideal way to provide security and crowd control for just about any type of event or project. It is easy to install, highly cost-effective and provides a simple means for people to understand what areas are restricted. Woodsmith Fence is the premier provider of portable fencing options in the Erie, PA area.

Security and Privacy

Portable fencing is a simple and effective way of providing security and privacy for any venture. Fencing from Woodsmith Fence is highly durable and sturdy, ensuring the security of your site. Furthermore, we offer a variety of privacy screens which will prevent outsiders from seeing anything inside your site.

Pedestrian Barrier in Erie, PACrowd Control

Pedestrian barriers are a traditional way to provide crowd control. Our pedestrian barriers are easy to install, sturdy, well secured after installation, and safe for use with crowds. We have a variety of material and design options depending on the exact needs of your event.

Barrier Variety and Supply

One of the main benefits of obtaining temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers from Woodsmith Fence is that we offer one of the largest supplies of barriers in the state. We have dozens of different options in design, size, and material, allowing you to customize your barrier to your precise needs. We also have a large supply, which allows us to provide your barriers precisely when you need them. There is almost never a wait with Woodsmith Fence.

Rent Fencing & Temporary Barriers Today

If you need any type of portable fencing or pedestrian fencing in the Erie, PA area, contact Woodsmith Fence today. Our experts will work with you to determine the best fencing for your event or project needs and provide you with an immediate estimate so that you can get your fencing as soon as you need it.