Construction Fencing


Woodsmith Fence Corp provides temporary construction site fencing for construction contractors looking to secure the perimeter of the construction site. Our construction fencing is durable, easy to install and take down (for our professional installers), adaptable for your needs, and priced affordably. We make the process as simple as possible. In fact, one of our goals is to build a great working relationship with our customers, which is why we provide excellent customer service along with our products. 

Advantages Of Choosing Woodsmith Fence Corp

  • Affordable
  • Honest Company With Integrity
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Superior Products
  • Driven By Trust
  • Loyalty Focused



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We don’t need to tell you the importance of construction fencing for a hazardous site. Our construction fencing is a good way to draw a line for the public to stay out of. This is especially useful if your site is around areas where children could potentially wander to. If you are in an area that requires some more heavy duty security, we’ve got you covered there too! We also supply a complete line of plastic and steel barricades, portable steel perimeter fences, and steel gates. If you need even further protection, we have a line of temporary bollards that can be used as well. 

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As we mentioned before, we take great pride in providing excellent products and customer services. If you need construction fencing of any kind, give us a call and discuss your needs. We will be happy to help work towards the perfect temporary construction fencing solution for your project.